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News Why does the US have a large building dedicated to war

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    Why does the US have a large building dedicated to offence, or murder or war?
    Why not poverty reduction?
    Is this democracy?
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    That's a good question. The US also has a large building dedicated to poverty reduction. It's at 200 Independence Ave, Washington, DC. It only has four sides, though.
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    :confused: ....ohhhh, you mean WARshington? :rofl:
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    I still believe that the majority of Americans are not war-mongers. Without the attack on the WTC the PNAC would never have got out of the AEI.

    I suspect that they allowed the attack in order to implement their plan.

    When they show me who they are, I believe them.
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    It also has a large complex of buildings for keeping old people out of poverty (though it's in Arlington, not Washington), in addition to branch offices in most major cities in the country.

    I love hyperbolic threads! They're fun.
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    :rofl: I find it hard to take them seriously enough to respond. :rofl:
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    Actually it's for the Department of Defense. It hasn't been called the Department of War since 1949 (after WWII ended).

    Big military. Big HQ.

    As noted, we got that covered too. It just gets less press time.

    What, majority rules?
    If I may generalize, Americans like having a strong military, and yet we want peace. For most of our history, American foreign policy has been largely isolationist. As the current economy is more and more globalized, America is drawn into more global issues/problems.

    I'll stick my neck out and say (without looking up the numbers) that America spends more on humanitarian aid & fighting poverty than any other country (at least dollar-wise, although perhaps not percentage-wise).
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    LOL this coming from someone living a country with the largest standing army in the world that has also threatened all out war with Taiwan? LOL.
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    This must prove that war is 25% more important than poverty reduction. :rolleyes:
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    Why do uninformed people make threads about whatever they are uninformed about? It reminds me of when someone told me "The US should use mathematics in national security". O.O
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    So they may become informed ? Last I checked, asking questions is a good way to get information.

    Of course, rhetorical questions (like those in the OP, for instance) are different, but if you are asking a general question, you have my answer. Now back to...what was it...the fistagon ?
  13. Nov 24, 2005 #12
    That's not what I tried to say :/

    I wanted to say that people shouldn't make assumptions.

    It's as if I were to ask Bill Gates "Howcome you have never donated any money to anyone?"

    That would clearly indicate that I made an assumption in my question. Obviously he has donated tons, yet I am stating that he hasn't and asking why. There's a difference between "Have you ever murdered anyone?" to "why did you murder her?"
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    Yeah, but people must make assumptions all the time. at least, thats my assumption. For example; as I write this I'm assuming that nobody is outside trying to steal my car, and that nobody is snooping around my house, and that all my family members and friends are not in need of help, and that a meteorite isn't going to crash into my house. I'm not worrying about those possibilities because I'm making an assumption that they aren't occuring or going to occur in the time frame that I write this. I'm willing to bet that all human action and conversation is based on assumptions. I have to afterall assume that people will be able to understand what I'm typing also, otherwise there is no point in typing. Is it safe to assume that I'm getting too philosophical?:tongue2:

    oh yeah, Rage Against the Machine was a cool band. Although, I must say I liked thier self titled album more than Evil Empire, Battle of Los Angeles has its moments...
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    Why don't you like Bad Religion? They're far superior in my opinion.

    This post has been brought to you by the Ministry of Assumptions.
    "Making an Ass out of U and Me since the begining of time.":tongue:
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    I'm still kind of confused here. Shouldn't this be in the math forum? Are they inventing new shapes? Should the US make a more shapely defense headquarters? I suppose it is time for circle-shaped tanks...

    By the way, the DHSS is only 3 miles away from the Pentagon... and yes, it unfortunately only has 4 sides.
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    It looks like the original question was answered. Since there is nothing else presented for discussion, and the replies are just banter, I'm closing it while the banter is still friendly.
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