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Why does this shortcut for eigenvectors of 2x2 symmetric work?

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    I'k looking at some matlab code specifically eig2image.m at:


    So, I understand how the computations are done with respect to the eigenvector / eigenvalues and using (varitions of ) the quadratic equation etc. But my question is about the computation of the eigenvector using the following code (based on the matlab code) given matrix [a b; b d];

    %% My code, just a scalar version of eig2image.m for understanding eigenvector decomposition

    M = [1,2;2,3];

    function [ L1,L2,v1x,v1y,v2x,v2y ] = SymmetricEig( M )

    % | a b |
    % | |
    % | b d |

    a = M(1,1);
    b = M(1,2);
    d = M(2,2);

    tmp = sqrt((a - d)^2 + 4*b^2);
    v2x = 2*b;
    v2y = d - a + tmp;

    % Normalize
    mag = sqrt(v2x^2 + v2y^2);

    v2x = v2x/mag; %% Why is v2x now the correct eigenvector value?
    v2y = v2y/mag;

    % The eigenvectors are orthogonal
    v1x = -v2y;
    v1y = v2x;

    % Compute the eigenvalues
    mu1 = 0.5*(a + d + tmp);
    mu2 = 0.5*(a + d - tmp);

    % Sort eigen values by absolute value abs(Lambda1)<abs(Lambda2)




    Notice my comment above - Why is v2x now the correct eigenvector value? It was b multiplied by two and then normalized to the magnitude of v2x,v2y; Why does this work? (and it does). It must be a shortcut, factorization, etc. but I don't see it and haven't seen anyplace else that does this.

    I'm just curious.


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    b is a real number, so v2x is a real number. A real number cannot be an eigenvector (in a 2D vector space).
    What do you mean with "eigenvector value"?
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