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Why the historical flaws haven't changed?

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    Why is it that history and all the way to this present day, people have noticed the flaws of elders before them.. yet nothing has changed? Is the study of these flaws just lacking? why is the history repeating it'self chain happening so often to events of many kinds and varieties?
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    humans rely on a combination of experience and reason; where reason is lacking (as it is in most people), then i would say that they are doomed to repeat history via personal experience. that is not to say that people who make use of their reasoning are not immune to folly as well.
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    Well I'm 15 and have a long way to live life.. want to pursue career in science ANd music. But am a philosopher which has developed the suspicions of education and the system that some of my role models have. And I like to question things, which is why I came to pf. My question now is: What mistakes should be mostly recognized that people make, that i can avoid by going a different route? Well also, A few people of history such as great scientists that are well known, seem to hint off that they lived by the mistakes of others, Is this why they seem to advance further than some other people?
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    This does not meet the guidelines of the philosophy forum. Please read both sets of guidelines at the top of the forum.
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