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X shaped roof profile for small series car-production method

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    Hi all! I need to decide on the production philosophy of an SEV(small electric vehicle) as a final part of my thesis project. Up until now, I have designed the package layout and body and performed a FE analysis (topology optimization) to arrive at a reasonable body-in-white structure.

    I did a topology optimization and received a x-shaped roof structure as the suggestion of BIW(body in white) build. I haven't found any series produced small vehicles with a x-shaped roof structure. The closest that comes to this shape is the VW XL1 (see below). My question is: Is it possible to produce such a roof structure with a extruded profile or a hydroformed profile? All other parts of my BIW are spaceframe manufacturable, its just the roof that i need to decide on. Thanks!

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    What material? Must it be metal?

    The VW X appears to be made from 5 carbon fiber parts. Can you assemble the X from components? If so, a thermal press and thermoset FRP might do it.

    Or are hydroforming and extrusion the only options? If so can the parts be welded?
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