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- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Jun4-14 07:18 PM
64 68,285
Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 102,098
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 18,836
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 98,796
C++ is good for writing games Objective C is good for IOS app Java is good for Android app. Any other examples of...
T 04:40 PM
6 159
This post is 100% speculative. I am struck by the seeming contradiction between two seeming facts. 1) In software...
Y 06:49 PM
8 417
Hi, I'm trying to come up with a way to explain fuzzy logic to a friend of mine. After reading this paper:...
Y 01:18 PM
6 615
I am trying to do an introductory course on C++ through OCW (MIT). However, there is this one they tell you to try...
Y 11:11 AM
13 328
Hey guys, This is my first post here, so I will apologize in advance in case I'm posting this in the wrong section. ...
Y 10:18 AM
0 61
What does object based programming mean?how does it localises the implementation details ,i tried to read it from book...
Jul29-14 04:14 PM
14 333
Hey guys so I'm working on a project with an Arduino. I need the Arduino to read from a LCD to tell it what the...
Jul28-14 12:54 PM
4 204
Can anyone advise me a good book on tutorials for C++? Something that starts easy and goes to complex? Thank you.
Jul22-14 09:45 AM
6 581
I have least squares code which I am trying to rewrite in FORTRAN90. I have a pair of allocatable arrays declared in...
Jul22-14 04:15 AM
14 997
I am creating a border for an image view using xml. This is what I have: <animation-list...
Jul21-14 02:58 AM
0 491
Basically I want to take an unknown amount of variables and sum them up. I'm sure it's simple. I know there is some...
Jul20-14 09:41 PM
4 1,462
Hi ll, I am currently working on 3d in xna. i have ismple collision detcetion working but I want to do triangle by...
Jul19-14 11:51 AM
2 1,964
The title. A friend of me told me the code in php <?php for($i=0; $i<=100; $i++) { if($i%5==0) {...
Jul19-14 01:49 AM
3 2,314
Hi asking for help how to calculate vorticity using fortran ∇Śc ⃗ where both nabla and c are three dimension...
Jul18-14 09:29 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,009
Does anyone have any experience with these? I have been trying to set up a simple web server (JBoss 7.0.2) with...
Jul17-14 04:26 AM
2 2,144
I am working on a Universe Simulator. I'm stuck on creating the dark matters webs of the universe that look like this:...
Jul17-14 01:15 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 1,986
Hi, I'm not from Software Engineering background and I'm trying to learn State Machine Diagrams on my own by looking...
Jul13-14 02:14 PM
1 1,473
I'm planning on trying to do some work on a Zigbee or Xbee mircochip, I haven't decided on a specific chip yet, and...
Jul13-14 12:42 AM
1 1,155
Hi there I have found an algorithm within the literature that is known as multiple birth and cut. It is in a...
Jul12-14 09:02 AM
4 1,694
Hello. I am trying to get OpenGL working on my machine using SDL and glew. I've created a class 'Display' that...
Jul11-14 11:09 AM
14 2,525
Hey, This might sound like something that I should have posted to the "computing & technology" forums, but I...
Jul10-14 02:26 PM
6 1,655
When I was a (very lonely) child, I used to play endlessly with this predator-prey simulation game:...
Jul8-14 09:55 PM
9 2,249
Hi, I need to compile a programming written in fortran90 and the output will be in 10 000 data files(maybe more)...
Jul7-14 11:47 PM
8 2,200
Hello everybody! I'm looking for some good software or programming language suitable for creating some sort of...
Jul6-14 01:31 PM
4 1,807
I am fiddling with python v2.7.5,i am using Pyscripter version x86 to write my program and i do not know how...
Jul5-14 09:56 AM
5 2,744
Move this thread to appropriate sub-forum if not here. I'm studying automata theory and I'm having trouble...
Jul4-14 08:02 PM
3 1,975
Hello, I'm trying to learn C and am only a couple weeks into it. Suppose I want to write a simple code for...
Jul4-14 08:39 AM
2 2,079
So I'm wondering, should I use Cartesian or Polar Coordinates to store intergalactic objects in DB? I'm currently...
Jul1-14 12:46 AM
3 2,173
So i have a book that covers the fundamentals one needs to know before starting C++. I'm self teaching myself so i...
Jun28-14 05:08 PM
16 2,917
I'm looking for resources that discuss how a high level language works from a fundamental level. I'm not looking for...
Jun27-14 11:31 PM
Nick O
12 2,370
I must write a program that finds the temperature, as an integer, that is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The...
Jun25-14 12:06 PM
18 4,596
I found some open source code in wx that I'm considering re-writing in qt and adding some new functionality to. It's...
Jun25-14 04:08 AM
2 1,957
I am a novice reading about the 7 OSI layers. I am reading this because I am currently working with a bluetooth device...
Jun24-14 10:03 AM
2 1,969
int main(void) { int *ptr; int a=1, b=2, c=3; ptr = &a; printf("%p\n", &ptr); printf("%p\n", &b);
Jun21-14 05:49 AM
7 2,225
I have plenty of experience of other systems, from right back to Calcomp pen plotters and the first graphics terminals...
Jun20-14 05:57 PM
13 2,692
I have downloaded Mathematica to see if it is really that good. Many people use it. I want to calculate the multiples...
Jun19-14 11:50 AM
10 2,399
I've been programming on and off for a few years just recently taking it seriously. Something I've always wondering...
Jun18-14 09:10 PM
6 2,276
I want to learn about and PHP and MysQuL. Someone tell me How to learn it?
Jun18-14 11:58 AM
6 2,493
I am trying to create a website that has a login/registration/logout and profiles with avatars, it also has forum like...
Jun18-14 10:30 AM
5 3,920
if we declare variables with different type specifiers, is the memory location(address) assigned according to the type...
Jun17-14 03:16 AM
17 2,735

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