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blackraven Feb16-12 10:47 AM

What dimensions does he mean?
I read this article:

What dimensions is the article talking about? Doesn't everything have a fourth dimension, time?

DennisN Feb16-12 05:33 PM

Re: What dimensions does he mean?
Found another one here: Physicists Predict The Existence of Time Crystals. Interesting article. From what I gather it involves time, as well as space. A quote from the article:

"Of course, there will be disputes over some of the issues this raises. One of them is that the motion that breaks time symmetry seems a little puzzling. Wilczek and Shapere acknowledge this: “Speaking broadly speaking, what we're looking for looks perilously close to perpetual motion.”"
If so, I fail to see how they will be able to interact with the crystal without slowing it down. But I might be missing something :uhh:.

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