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Simfish Jan20-05 07:59 PM

SUmmer Research Opportunities/Science Programs

I'm a sophomore who already goes to Collegeconfidential (and to the CTY website_; but I'd still like to know if any of you know of any research opportunities/summer programs for HS sophomores. I'm going to apply to SUmmer Science Program and NASA SHARP - any other suggestions? I'm an Asian male, btw.

MathStudent Jan20-05 10:26 PM


Quote by Simfishy
I'm an Asian male, btw.

Just curious... how does this relate to your post? :confused:

Moonbear Jan20-05 10:40 PM


Quote by MathStudent
Just curious... how does this relate to your post? :confused:

It means he isn't eligible to apply for programs geared toward minorities and women.

Simfishy, are you specifically interested in physics opportunities, or any science research opportunity?

Simfish Jan21-05 12:26 AM

ANy science research opportunity - unfortunately, due to the fact that sophomores cannot take a physics class, I am only taking a chemistry class at the current moment. But I'm also taking calculus - which can be a HUGE boost - since few sophs take calc..

Moonbear Jan21-05 01:03 AM

Have you contacted universities near you? Try their websites. Many universities offer summer research opportunities for high school students, but they aren't always broadly advertised.

alex caps Jan24-05 11:16 PM

I think you have to already be a junior to be eligible for nasasharp..

Andromeda321 Jan25-05 08:30 PM

Astronomy Camp
Summer Science Program
I've gone to the advanced camp at Astro Camp three times now (will probably be a counselor again this summer) and can assure you it's well worth going! Never made it out to SSP but I've heard very good things from those who have.

omagdon7 Jan25-05 11:11 PM

That is kind of dumb that chemistry isn't permitted before physics the two subjects are not at all sequential.

daveed Jan26-05 06:09 PM

i dont know, i took physics in tenth grade(last year)

anyway, where are you located around? i have a friend who got into the carnegie institute summer of sophomore year, at the geophysical lab in DC.

anyhow, you don't have to have a formal application, if you want an internship you can just email around and ask for stuff

Gokul43201 Jan26-05 06:22 PM

Lawrence Berkeley Labs (Berkeley, CA) has a history of taking hisg school students for summer internships :

Moonbear Jan26-05 06:53 PM


Quote by omagdon7
That is kind of dumb that chemistry isn't permitted before physics the two subjects are not at all sequential.

Not permitting him to take physics yet has nothing to do with requiring chemistry first, it's because if a school teaches physics properly, you need calculus first, so you take chemistry and calculus the same year, then take physics the next year.

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