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Jun19-06, 08:45 AM
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In general, 3D FEM has particlar stability criterion regardless of software.

Here is a nice summary for CFD from Flow Science (Flow 3D)

More generally -

GAMBIT: Geometry and Mesh Generation
GAMBIT is Fluent’s geometry and mesh generation software. GAMBIT's single interface for geometry creation and meshing brings together most of Fluent's preprocessing technologies in one environment. Advanced tools for journaling let you edit and conveniently replay model building sessions for parametric studies. GAMBIT's combination of CAD interoperability, geometry cleanup, decomposition and meshing tools results in one of the easiest, fastest and most straightforward preprocessing paths from CAD to quality CFD meshes.

Certainly mesh generation is important. I am not particularly familiar with GAMBIT, but I expect there is a default node/element density.

In certainly problems, the meshing would need adjustment, particular where there are large thermal gradients, otherwise the elements require appropriate shape/form functions. Computational efficiency is another issue that must be considered.

One can register for FLUENT support as a professional or academic/student -

One may also try the following CFD forum -