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Jun29-06, 03:09 PM
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Why the exclamation? The average force on a single electron due a small field of say 1000V/m is F = eE ~ 10^{-16} N. In a wire with 10^{20} electrons, that's a total force of about 10,000N from the field. Naturally, the net average force on the electrons is zero, since they are not accelerating. There's nothing bizarre about this.
Hi Gokul.
1000V/m is a huge field for the conductor we are considering!
What do you think is providing a counter force of 10,000 N per atom so that there’s no net acceleration? What is the total pressure exerted by this counter force?

edit: 10,000 N in total. Not per atom

So did you actually do the experiment before going back to the drawing board?
I do this experiment each time I connect a mercury switch in a circuit. If the liquid was moving, it and the current would soon start to oscillate.