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Jul3-06, 04:05 PM
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If there is an E-field in a metal, please produce the experimental evidence and I'll be more than happy to email the people in Stockholm to nominate you for the Nobel because you would be putting the entire physics community on it ear....
Hi Dr.Transport. Thanks for joining in. If you had joined earlier, it would have saved just about 25 or so replies in this thread.
So there’s no E-field in a metal and therefore the relation F=E*q in a metal is not valid anymore. This is new to me but not entirely unexpected. My edition of the book I mentioned is from 1976, it has a whole chapter called “Failures of the free electron model”. In there is no mention of the above fact, also throughout the book formula’s are used using an E-field existing in the metal.
I don’t think I’m the only one caught out here.
Is there an E-field just outside a conductor? Can you recommend a text book?
Can you put that email on hold?