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Jan16-07, 07:42 PM
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Awesome thanks for all the great ideas guys!!

This programming class goes over the following:
· Sequential Containers: Vectors
· Sequential Containers: Lists
· Stacks
· Queues and Deques
· Recursion
· Trees: 101, Traversals
· Trees: Binary Search
· Trees: Heaps and Priority Queues
· Trees: Huffman
· Trees: Maps and Hash tables
· Sorting: Selection, Bubble, Insertion, Quick
· Sorting: Merge, Heap, Pessimal O(N)
· Self-Balancing Trees: AVL
· Self-Balancing Trees: Red-Black
· Self-Balancing Trees: 2-3, 3-4
· Graphs: 101, Traversal
· Graphs: Weighted Graphs
The calculator program seems like it could work, because I could probably implement it using a stack to push and pop the operators or like you said using a tree.

After looking at the syllabus it looks like if I did a program that handled data management like allowing the user to enter information (such as Name, Age, Salary, Job Title, etc) and storing it in a database, and accessing the records, deleting the records, sorting, search, and modifying the existing records, I could really hit the data structures. What do you think?

I agree with Warren,

The professor told us if you reinvent the wheel it usually will come out like a square. He has no problem if we use other people's libraries.

If i were to develop a data management program, would I be better off using a SQL database or some other database that would work well with C++? I don't know any SQL though but i'm trying to figure out if I want to actually store the information in a text file or an actual database system so later if I want to expand this project, and make it accessible online, using php the database could be accessed offline or online.