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Mar17-07, 09:39 PM
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But the bleach method works decently and makes really decent batch of potassium chlorate? When I did it before it was turning brown.. Meaning it wasnt too pure. So I thought this method would be better. It might help if you fill in the current and the amount made blanks :p
But what one would you recommend? I can always make more batches of the potassium chlorate using bleach, so thats not really a factor. Im looking for a method that will show results, and not something I have to make a guess about (like the electrolsys method). So now im wondering how do you tell when its done? I just did a quick amount. And let it sit for probly not even an hour. It was a small amount though. Was in a small glass, and the chloride was probly 1/8th filled of the glass. Exacts arnt really need I think atm, just get a glass and you should be able to make an educated guess. But basically not much.
And for the bleach method, is the turning brown alright? Because I might try it again. Last time I did that it was like a while back. Ive gained a bit more experience since then though, so maybe it will be better. Lastly, how do you exactly tell if its potassium chlorate? I know by looks you cant just tell, ideas on how to test?
Thanks for your support.