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We could use a Cosmology Resource sticky thread
to keep basic reference links handy like the above
articles of Bennett, Lineweaver, Turner....

Here is a link that PF-poster Nereid kindly provided about
a wide-angle deep survey of the universe called GEMS

GEMS covers a patch of sky as big as the full moon
and took thousands of images in that patch
and made a mosaic picture of that patch which is
real deep, going way back in time, so you see
galaxies forming and colliding and evolving.
The article Nereid links to tells about it
and shows a portion of the picture. The total GEMS
picture has 3 billion pixels, the article says.


Dark matter:
Here's another Nereid link to a dark matter article (mapping it in a cluster by observing lensing)
Neutrino astronomy:
Has a big future potential
in observational cosmology. Wolram, a PF-poster, provided these
neutrino-related links:
this gives the AMANDA2 neutrino sky map---the obseratory down near south pole.
Basic facts/estimates about the cosmic neutrino background presented
by Ted Bunn, one of the moderators on Usenet sci.physics.research.
Two neutrino articles which surprised me, so I include them without
being able to properly evaluate or interpret. Maybe someone else can.
Observations purporting to have some bearing on the existence or
non-existence of extra dimensions. If this is too wacky tell me and I
will take it off this thread.