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Jul11-07, 01:27 PM
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Thanks everyone for your inputs. It seems another professor with whom I wouldn't mind taking this course is teaching using Axler. I've heard good things about Axler too. It's supposed to be very revolutionary and notably abstract. Interestingly, it avoids mentioning the idea of a matrix at all until the very last chapters and it insists on providing proofs that do not use the concept of determinants.

Personally, I like a text to present things very generally and abstractly, and build up the theory in a logical manner. So, I like theory and abstract concepts. At the same time, however, my primary major is electrical engineering+computer science, so the computational aspect of math (while less appealing to me than the elegance of the abstract) is important to my studies. Do you think Axler or maybe the other texts cover both aspects well?

Right now I'm leaning toward taking the course taught using Axler because it seems like a very interesting text and the professor seems very good.