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Aug26-07, 07:03 PM
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The skinny, crooked red ones were pretty mild, but they have a nice flavor. That's the reason that I keep planting jalapeno peppers. They are not hot enough for some purposes, but they have a wonderful scent and flavor and they can turn a hot pepper relish from simply hot to hot and tasty.

When scraped clean of the placenta and seeds, jalapenos make tasty, mild, poppers that most folks love, though my wife and I tend to leave them pretty intact (just slice them in half and stuff them) for our own consumption. I cleaned the heck out of the jalapenos we made the poppers with on Thursday night, and the hot-averse members of your family seemed to survive (and thrive) on them. We had them again this afternoon when my sister-in-law and her husband showed up to pick blackberries (along with chicken, hot dogs, and burgers - instant replay) and sent them home with a gallon of cukes, too. The poppers were a bit hotter this time around but my sister-in-law went back for extras after tucking into one that brought tears to her eyes.