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Oct22-07, 06:56 PM
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Half-way through?!!!!! I might suggest some self-restraint because my output in that vein is very limited. Can you stand the withdrawal? I can live with the name, but it's pretty much a standard implementation of my chili relish that happened to correspond with a decent habanero crop. BTW, is the dill content OK or do you think I can dispense with that? My chili-head neighbor wants me to drop the dill, but I like the richness that it adds to the initial flavor.
Well - Turbo's Sweet Habanero Afterburn Hotsauce is that great! I consume it by the table spoon. I could go back to Dave's Insanity, MadDog Inferno or Satan's Blood, but they're not the same. You've hit upon the right blend of sweetness and picante. Pain 100% is pretty good, but it's minor league stuff.

I'll send you some of my habs.

Do you want to move up here and be my marketing manager? I have friends and relatives with arable land that we could lease, and I have access to cow manure and other fertilizers. It would be quite ironic to make Maine the center of scary-hot salsas and specialty chili relishes. --- Like Pace's "New York City???" campaign. On the other hand, the products should speak for themselves.
Sure! Yeah, I noticed some available acreage up that way - not to far from your place.