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Count Iblis
Nov5-07, 07:00 PM
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You are right in that there's still some models left to explore before the DAMA result is "ruled out". (I just said no other experiment have been able to confirm the signal.)
I think much of the scepticism agains DAMA stems from the "non-public" policy for their data. What do you think of this problem?
I think they should have made it public. They already have published models in which the detected effect is not due to nuclear recoils. The criticism of their experiment was that they cannot distinguish between nuclear and electron recoils and it is commonly assumed that WIMPS will produce nuclear recoils while the electronic effects are noise. So, I can't see why they won't make the data public now that this issue isn't so relevant anymore.

Perhaps they are waiting for confirmation from DAMA/Libra....