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Nov6-07, 03:54 AM
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This came to me the other day.
Im a total layman, so forgive the language, just an idea, and thought I'd ask far cleverer ;) people than me.

I've read again and again about how there isn't enough matter in the universe for gravity to stop everything flying apart rapidly. The hunt is on it seems for this missing matter.

But it occurred to me, maybe people are measuring the universe wrong?
Instead of it being like a big ball, with smooth edges.
What if it is Spikey? Like a hedgehog or big round starfish?
With some galaxies shooting out faster than others, leaving big gaps of nothing between.

That would massively reduce the 3dimensional area of the Universe, and thus reduce the amount of matter required for gravity to be able to do its thing.

What do people think? Is it a go-er? Or am I just nuts? (not that I mind nuts, I always suspected the insane have far more fun.)
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