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Nov20-07, 08:05 PM
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Hi RealColbert and belliott4488

Sorry I missed the humor. Anyway, I would probably have gone on in the same vein even if I had got the joke the first time. I am taking the tack, as belliott4488 said, of trying to explain this so my grandma would understand it. An additional advantage of doing it this way is that if I am in error about something, which is not unlikely as we all know, it will be an error for which we all may be able to understand the correction. And I do ask for any corrections, even if I get to be the butt of the joke. Sometimes I even make myself laugh, which is not a good trait in a standup comedian. So I'll just continue on as far as I am able, and hope that when you are done laughing at me, you will let me in on the joke, too.

Anyway it is a pet peeve that specialists in any field do not define their jargon, at least the first time they use it in a paper, or at least give a reference of some kind so we ordinary mortals have a chance to look it up on Wiki. So I try to start from the grass roots and work my way up.

Thanks for keeping me company on this journey.