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Jan17-08, 08:06 PM
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I have a strange experience with spelling that might shed light on this.

When I was in college, like many physics students I was terribly pressed for time to get through all my physics homework. I found that if I turned off the "thought voice" as I was solving physics problems, I could work much faster. By "thought voice" I mean I wouldn't think in English (my native - well, only - language). No language in my head at all, just ideas. I thought this was pretty cool until I noticed my spelling just went to hell. I also found I would struggle to find words when talking.

After school I had the time to think using language again, and my spelling and verbal skills returned.

BTW, the people I've told this to usually just give my blank stares, so if this seems odd to you, I won't be surprised.

So maybe the scientists who think in ideas, not language, are the poor spellers...?
Good idea, it would make sense since you would be thinking as abstractly as possible - I've found it to work pretty well too. I can't make my "thought voice" shut the hell up long enough to let me sleep Takes roughly an hour or 2 to get anywhere near drowsy...