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Jan31-08, 08:04 PM
P: 253,what makes earth rotate....I believe I'm still in my *discovery*phase(normal for a 15 yrs old..)........sry if this is a newbish question....

I though looking on the internet..but so lazy and beside i will prob. not understand with they complicated terms and stuff they'll use to explain......o.0

also,i dun know if this makes sense or not,but can we assosiate dark matters with black someway,such as...dark matters can not be be seen and if im not wrong they don't even show any signs of energy(if they had,im sure they would produce some sort of gamma rays or w/e,=.=right?)..whereas black holes,we know they exist,yet...still many mysterious facts remain....

???? so confused....o.0
hmmm any books recommendation...I was wondering to take some books and learn basics(very very very basic stuff...)about quantum mechanic(are they even useful in astrophysics?)..

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