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Feb9-08, 12:03 AM
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I don't have time to go into it now, but as said before, this thread is simply about the refusal to accept that "stellar evolution" (or various other kinds) and "biological evolution" are two completely separate concepts and do not share a single set of governing principles.

One fundamental difference is the lack of a random element in "stellar evolution". You can take two clouds of hydrogen of a given mass and density and be able to predict with an extremely high degree of accuracy what the life cycle of the resulting star will look like. You cannot do the same with biological evolution.

There is no philosophical question here. Only a refusal to accept that there are different definitions for the same word.
I think you are being too didactic. I'm suggesting that it is interesting to consider similarities between processes which promote complexity, and that using the adjective "evolutionary" to describe them brings this out. Such similarities may be the result of a common "governing principle". Or they may not. Not the same as "refusing to accept different definitions of the same word". Perhaps there is no philosophical question here, but some discussion can't hurt.