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Feb9-08, 12:20 AM
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Now that you've linked to screw dislocation it makes sense that this would be involved in the crystallization of DNA. But I think that would only apply to helical molecules, right? Crystallization of sodium chloride / salt is simply a lateral dislocation, like cubes packed together. It's all just mathematical packing problems.
Another niggle: No, there are two separate things here. The presence of screw dislocations is what makes (one) crystallisation possible at otherwise impossibly small supersaturations, whether it be of DNA or of ordinary salt. (There ain't such an animal as a "lateral dislocation", by the way.)

I was suggesting that the primeval (two) evolution of the helical DNA molecule itself, about which we seem to know little, could be linked to the helical character of a screw dislocation. But this is just an idle thought, since I know nothing about the evolution of huge molecules like DNA. But it must be quite a difficult process. Or life would spontaneously have appeared on Earth much more quickly than it apparently did.