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Feb12-08, 09:28 PM
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Well, if you work in academics, you are not going to earn as much as a Doctor (I assume medical doctor.) It's just a fact of life. You won't be poor, but I have my doubts that you'll earn over 200,000 per year as an astrophysics. But hey, I know money is important thing to consider, but you should also consider the intangible things that come with being an astrophysicists. For starts, how cool would it be to say you are one?

You can double major in biology and physics. If you feel that you want to make more money as a doctor go that route, but if you find your love to be in space, go that route. Hell you might be able to do astro-biology or something,
Thank you for your response. Any ideas of careers open to me in double majoring biology and physics? For a double major physics, do you know in what kind of astronomy department I can get into (same thing for bio, any list)?...And long is that gonna take,double major in those fields (biology and physics).

Thanks :D