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Guybrush Threepwood
Mar12-04, 01:37 AM
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Originally posted by Pergatory
Visual Studio is the first development tool I've ever used that WORKS. I mean it really works! It even produces organized, uncluttered code, even in HTML!! I'm still an avid supporter of plain-text programming or even assembly-level programming if you have the skill, but if you don't, Visual Studio is a life saver. You might want a dual-monitor setup though...

P.S. - Stop hating. Any language has its benefits, even VB. Even Fortran and COBOL are still used to this day!
1) what other developement tools did you try that were soooo lame?
2) Yes that's true a dual-monitor setup for this version.... And a monitor wall with specialized video server for the next version... And maybe a hologhraphic display with smell generation and mind reading interface for the Longhorn version.... does that seems like a Microsoft developement pattern???
3) PIC assembler is probably more used than VB. Fortran and COBOL are used mainly for maintenence purpose. I didn't hear about Apache or WMP ported to Fortran yet...

Nobody's hating anthing. we are just showing the perils of a proprietary programming language....