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Mar3-08, 08:56 AM
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In particular, is there anything Lee Smolin has written analogous to Rovelli's "Quantum Gravity" textbook
I'm curious, what's wrong with Rovelli's book? and if you read it - what do you think?

I got this book myself not too long ago, and it's on my bed table and I've started to go through it. I haven't formed a definite opinon on his thinking and ideas yet. But the part that motivates me, is to see if analysing his ideas from my own view, can induce some new insights. But I like some of the parts I've read so far, so regardless of what I will think of this thinking after finishing this, it seems like a good quality book and I don't regret getting it. What i like is that he does some good generic reflections on the historical background, where he at least as it seem tries to keep it at a level where you don't get the impression that he is trying to "preach", and convince you with arbitrary logic. So I like it so far.