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Mar18-08, 03:27 PM
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Here is the problem:

The PMOS transistor in the figure is conducting current.
(a) Is V_TP > 0 or V_TP < 0 for this transistor?
(b) Based on the value of V_TP, what type of transistor is in the circuit?
(c) Is the proper symbol used in this circuit for this transistor?
(d) If the symbol is not the correct one, which one should be used?

Here is the circuit:

Here are the transistor symbols from which we must choose:

Here are equations corresponding to PMOS transistors:

I'm a little confused as to how I can determine whether V_TP is greater or less than zero. I think it is going to depend on the values of the resistors. Is it possible to work through this problem mathematically in order to verify this?

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