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Apr23-08, 03:32 PM
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I've figured it out. The GRTensorII webpage says

With Maple 8 and 9, for the current release of GRTensorII, you need to load the libraries needed for your calculation. In previous versions of Maple they autoload. A typical initialization file is here. Simply download this file and follow the instructions in it. If you have developed your own libraries, load them in the same way.
You have to use the maple.ini file they are talking about because it contains commands to load all the libraries at startup. The ini file that comes with the GRTensor package loads only the library with the main commands grii.m.

Alternatively, you can use the old maple.ini file but load the libraries you need manually. The Maple command to load basislib.m is


or you can use the GRTensor command


After that everything works normal.