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May9-08, 06:59 AM
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Well my trouble stems from that I learned Inertia to be a property of all masses, the property that all masses will not accelerate unless a force is applied. To me, this was always just a property, like a square having adjacent sides at right angles.

Today in my Physics class I was told : Mass is a measure how much inertia as object has, when previously I had replaced Inertia with Matter. I was somewhat confused and even right now, I think that was wrong - its like having 2 cubes with one with edges 2 units and the other 5 units, and then asking which cubes edges were "more equal" to each other. I asked my teacher and he said just because it was a property didn't mean it wasn't quantifiable, like density. But his example of density doesn't seem to do it for me, the fact that an object has a density merely states all objects that have mass take up a finite volume.

So my question is: Is inertia quantifiable? If so, what are its SI Units? I asked my teacher that as well and he seemed to ignore that question =[

Thanks for any replies guys, greatly appreciated.
Inertia = mass.