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Jun18-08, 03:13 PM
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Hi Alan,

I do believe that there is something wrong with what you are saying. This could be due to my own beliefs, which I will relate in short order. But back to your statement, Black holes appear "invisible" because light cannot escape. This is how we detect them. They make "black holes" in light that is behind them (from our perspective).

So forward. The universe could have been a massive black hole at one point. All the matter and energy of the universe (including the universal-powers of Gravity, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear, and Electromagnetic) was in one "ball" of mass and condenced at extremely high temperatures and density. Something sparked (don't ask what) and that all exploded. The idea right now is that all the universal-powers (mentioned above) were still in their "super-power" state (not seperated like the rest of the matter and energy). This is what explains the extreme distances between the clusters of matter (galactic neighborhoods) and the lack of energy residue. Gravity seperated first, then Electromagnetics, then the Nuclear forces. Galaxies, stars, planets, and moons form afterward. Then there are the Dimentions and the 11th Dimention/Supergravity, but that is irrelevent (but could define your "another universe" concept)

What I am trying to say is that it is a little bit more complex.