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Jun18-08, 09:36 PM
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...In this forum we are normally not interested in philosophy and religion. Or in people's personal cosmic systems. We normally focus on mainstream cosmology models that are part of the professional literature. So the most efficient thing for you to do, if you want to discuss, is to sample the current peer-review literature, find articles that appeal to you pursuing approaches you like, and present the ideas, with links....
If we are to only talk about "current peer-review literature" we would be failing at the number one goal of science: Curiosity. We must try and look at things differently or be doomed to make the mistakes of the past.

I understand that knowledge of current ideas is important... but to formulate your own ideas is a far greater prerogative.

As my best friend always says (with the enthusiasm of an evangelical preacher):

"Knowledge hinders; Liberates. Knowing something only gives you foresight. Knowing when to know and when not to know is Wisdom."

The reason I relate this is that right now, in the original context of Alan's proposition, we don't need to know the main-stream ideas. All we need to know is what we believe and think. We need to toy with the standards of thought to conclude this conversation.

Thank you,

P.S. Alan, I love your "Super Universe" idea... Why not call it the "Superverse"? ;-)