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Jun18-08, 11:01 PM
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...Now thank you for being rude and not taking in the fact that I was being very vague.
Freezeezy, I was not trying to be rude. But the fact is that your statements are past vague, they show a lack of understanding, and that's why we are here at PF, to learn. Now, please, do not take this as if I am acting to know everything about cosmology {notice my avatar comment!?!} I definitely do not, but I do not make unsupported statements. I hope this can help clear up some of your misconceptions about the Big Bang,
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...All we need to know is what we believe and think.
Believe... interesting choice of words. I prefer to know based on fact and observations.
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how do you know it is false
Which comment are you specifically talking about:
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...Black holes appear "invisible" because light cannot escape. This is how we detect them. They make "black holes" in light that is behind them (from our perspective)..


...The idea right now is that all the universal-powers (mentioned above) were still in their "super-power" state (not separated like the rest of the matter and energy).This is what explains the extreme distances between the clusters of matter (galactic neighborhoods) and the lack of energy residue...
.. as Marcus and I stated, these remarks are incorrect.