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Jul7-08, 02:58 PM
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Hi jaredmt!

(have a theta: θ and a pi: π and a squared: and an integral: ∫)
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when i take the equation of the spere and replace x^2 + y^2 with z i get: z(z-3) = 0
so they intersect at the plane z = 3.
That's right!

So you're now trying to find the area of a cap of a sphere of radius 2 from "height" 2 to "height" 1 (and you're told to use ∫∫).
were supposed to use the double integration rule. im not sure what the parameters would be.
Hint: you can use either x and y parameters, or latitude and longitude parameters.

They both work (well, why wouldn't they? ), so you may as well try both of them!