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Jul23-08, 07:13 PM
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Pictures from Space

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..some direct visual evidence for Dark Matter ..
August 21, 2006 - Dark Matter Observed , with video ... but if you like youtube, try this.

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....and you're telling them to look on Wiki and YouTube for wisdom?..
I don't think b_dobro was telling anybody to look at those references for wisdom, he admitted {as do I} that he's not a scientist.

He looks for answers to questions that he has.. isn't that what we all do..? I've found some "decent" video's on youtube and such that create an interest in a particular subject.. the key is to come here and use the search function and read what people have posted. Then do the research ..

.. but as Dave said, the people here are scientists and typically {close to} experts in their respective fields.. youtube and wiki are not "sources", people here post things like this.