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Apr22-04, 10:27 AM
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After "din" write:


A question: is iridium at 70 degrees Fahrenheit affected by gravitatory attraction?
Some authors have explained white gold powder was found in Egypt and I wonder what would happen if you set that in a device like Egyptian and Hebrew arks since I know that gold white powder was the real manna. What would happen if you set that white gold powder monoatomic or diatomic (with rodium and iridium) in the same experiment? Would it be dangerous like ?:
In that latter site, I really don't think Dr. Dan Bursisch PHD. in Molecular Biology and Bilogical System, will allow his name being ridiculed talking about quartz and Fibonacci in association with "Ganesh" particle unless there's at least 1% truth about it. Nobody is that stupid to write 100% wrong things.
And it goes again, special granite with quartz was used in Egypt and you can imagine where and in the middle of the spinning Earth. You know, gold was an offering to the entities in ancient cultures. It was not for trading purposes or coin. It was dedicated and so was copper...oh, yes, copper mixed with gold with "empiric" knowledge of electricity, right?