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Apr22-04, 12:30 PM
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Incomplete again. Write after "com" the rest of the e-mail:

Don't forget the "/ " before "ubb".

I didn't say it there but I say now, Chinese ideograms written from the top to the bottom and Mandarine language (allowing the use of other hemisphere of the brain) are probably linked to Frank Rampsey's gliph math codes just like cuneiform Sumerian scripture. The more you go into the past, it gives the impression there was no language evolution imitating sounds of animals but involution, not just cos Chinese ideograms were 50.000 but cos in ancient languages there was a multidimensional significance, symbolic, alphabetic or sylables and numerals. Easy to swallow those explanations about oral language or imitating deaf and dumb language of the orangotangos, or smaller jaw or specific bone allow the speech. Those stories sound fishy to me, language requires something more than a bone that not even a parrot requires to "talk" and whistle. It's a question of intelligence in unknown gray mass called brain.
Egyptians and Greeks were using Pi but they couldn't imagine the "irrational" number has 2000 decimal houses found so far.
When Newton wanted to calculate the weigh of our beloved blue planet, the books won't tell you very often he was Freemason who sent a friend of his to weigh the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Now, is there anybody in this forum who dares to say Mr.Newton was a "pyramidiotic"? Who wanna be the first throwing the stone? Of course not cos he was the one who taught most of the things you have memorized in school and university regarding physics! Clap-clap-clap!
The same happens with Cristopher Columbus, you won't read very often he used prophetic book of Ezra II part of the first Latin production and probably Isaiah 40:22 (saying the Earth was "hugh" or circular in all directions, a globe) to convince the Spanish Catholic kings for the journey of America's "discovery".
Now, how come did Ezra and Isaiah or Job arrived to similar conclusions when Greeks later on believed in flat Earth and forgot everything they learned from Hitites by importation and not self knowledge? Such topic is disgusting for some readers, I recognize. It's like a self massage counting the story from Greek and even flatter perspective than Euclides... in order to give the false sensation we really have learned enormously in gigantic proportion in so little time.