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Angel Loupe
Apr27-04, 02:16 PM
P: 15
I believe IQ is 50% inherited & 50% determined by how each individual responds to its environment. I base this on a personal example. I come from a long line of extremely gifted people. All have documented IQ's of above 150. I was raised by a different birth parent and this truth was not revealed to me until my teenage years. Although I had the potential at a young age to fill the shoes I was supposed to wear, the combination of a traumatic childhood and a devastating revelation took a toll on me, and I fell short as an adult. However, it is still obvious that my genetics gave me a higher disposition of intelligence, since those around me growing up were all around 120 IQ, and I still maintained a higher sense of intelligence, but emotionally, I accepted my family and strived to belong (fit in, so to speak), and I believe that deterred my development. This is only applicable to myself, but the longer I live, the more I believe that it holds true across the board.