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Dec7-08, 09:59 PM
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I believe it seems possible that a plasma generator could be constructed to ionize the gases used in the making of the plasma. A plan needs to be worked out to construct an energy collector to collect the energy that is given off by the ionization of the plasma gases. Now, in order to "recycle" the gases, there needs to be a way off ionizing, de-ionizing, and re-ionizing the gases. Now the energy given off by the breaking of the electron bonds can be collected and used for power. Similar to a nuclear reaction. I've read about ways of ionizing plasma, but I'm not sure if it can work in reverse, or if it can be repeated over and over. Any ideas as to how to go about this?
Fusion plasmas are envisioned to do this with direct conversion, and fusion reactions provide the energy.

More conventionally, one is describing MHD power plants where combustion gases are 'seeded' with metal elements that are easily ionized in a hot gas, and the ions and electrons are separated in a strong magnetic field. Chemical reactions are limited in temperature.