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Mar15-09, 01:55 AM
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A spinning object such as a gyroscope is known to maintain its orientation. I am wondering *what* it maintains its orientation with respect *to*.

One answer is itself. Something else I have read is "with respect to the distant stars".

If it is not with itself but with "distant stars", one can ask "which distant stars?" since the stars are all in motion with respect to one another.

Of course, there is another answer. And that is that the spinning object, unless acted upon by another force, maintains its orientation with respect to the *universe*. In my very limited knowledge of physics and astronomy, this appears to imply that there actually *is* a universal frame of reference in respect to which all matter and energy is in motion but which itself is motionless.

I'll let the reader ponder the implications of this with respect to the existence of a prime mover unmoved...

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