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May17-09, 01:11 PM
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"Systematic as in methodical, procedural. A network of facts which is connected by a well-defined method or procedure for moving between them. This is not a mathematical definition, so please don't pick it apart (philosophy teaches us that this is pointless i.e. you could not even define the word 'game' in such a way that I could not pick it apart), the only point is that you get the idea that the phrase was trying to convey."

How are the following things not systematic?
- Theorems, principles, and axioms, laws, etc. from Mathematics, CS, Physics, Chemistry, etc...
- Explanations of how to carry out common computational procedures by hand; or, if you will, listings of algorithms for common computational problems and their uses.

This should be a computational knowledge engine, not a computational fact engine. There is a difference between a collection of random facts and knowledge. If you have knowledge of recurrence relations, you can not only solve them, but explain them and provide references and/or the steps used in solving them, including algorithms and other topics.