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Jun15-09, 02:50 AM
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Exactly, its the SIMPLE explanation, and probably the right one. There's no magic, just common sense. When you see coughing up blood you have pretty much two impulsive choices, lungs or stomach. The fact is, both may have run through your mind at the time, but once you found out intestines your subconscious focused on you previously thinking intestines, and forgot that you had thought about other possibilities as well. Selective memory like that can be self-reinforcing as well.
Stomach or lungs (or intestines) did not occur to me consciously. I didn't think about this in advance. Your debunkings assume I just misremembered how it happened.

It wasn't selected memory. I asked my intuition for an answer, then it flashed to me. The answer made no sense to me consciously. I never considered what might be wrong, because I'm cold like that and don't care, I'd rather wait until the doctor says what the situation is, rather than hypothesize.

My first and only inquiry into the condition was asking my intuition.