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Jul8-09, 03:02 PM
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Well.. The fact that you both experienced it means that most likely it's not something like sudden neural activity or an increase in blood pressure, unless you both just so happened to have that happen independently at the same time. That's very unlikely, but plausible I guess haha.

That means it's more likely something external. Are there mirrors in the room? Anything hanging on/from the ceiling? Even if not, like aforementioned, a white ceiling is highly reflective, and since it was a dark room and a very short occurance, the distance it was from you may have been thrown off.

Even if the curtains were closed, if there was a slight draft it may have parted them some and allowed whatever created the light from outside (if that was the case) for that split second to occur.
I was just about to make all of those points.

Could it have been as mundane as a firefly (or other flashing bug)?

A few clarifying questions: how dark was it in the room, and how dark was it outside?
Do you live near traffic; have you ever noticed light from car headlights coming from the driveway, or a neighbor's driveway, shining into your room; when your curtains are closed, are they completely closed, as in "light-proof"; was there any noise at all, as in a "fizz" or "pop" sound; are you certain your reactions were simultaneous, or was there a tiny lag between one or the other of you reacting to it; what was the first reaction from each of you?

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your patience and expectation to find a logical explanation for this. Welcome aboard with the elite few: the rational people. Chalking everything you don't immediately understand down to ghosts and angels and aliens is so simple and simplistic. Knee-jerk reactions like that have held back progress for centuries.

Be aware that it still can be an unexplained phenomenon, yet still that doesn't make it proof of anything paranormal.