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Jul29-09, 11:20 AM
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QM is just an algorithm that tells us how to compute probabilities of possible results of experiments. It doesn't need an interpretation, and I doubt that it's even possible to find one that's both well-defined and logically consistent. I think the attempts to find a correct interpretation are fundamentally misguided. They are all trying to tell us what QM really describes, but a theory doesn't have to describe anything. All it has to do in order to be falsifiable is to make predictions about probailities of possible results of experiments.
Don't youthink this is a little too humble? How do you reach the conclusion that it's "just an algorithm"?

You are confusing the scientific method with intrinsic facts about nature. These are two independent things. Quantum Physics is at a level low enough to answer those very fundamental questions. It is definitely not "just an algorithm". We don't even know how it works yet...