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jaap de vries
Aug13-09, 06:41 AM
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The normal sequence is:
Then go and buy a $200 HP50 or Ti89 after much anguish and web searching about the difference in the number of 1000s of lines of program or the speed of some component. Once you have chosen which side of the fence you are - vigorously defend the holy church of HP/Ti against the infidels who bought a Ti/HP.

I have the TI voyage 200. This is around 200 dollars. First of all I am suprised that nothing better has come up in a while but that has probably something to do with restrictions in the classroom. Most of the basic functions are the same as the TI89. A couple of nice things to consider.

Nice big screen so you have several answers available to you (very handy)
a "solve" function allows you to solve implicit functions (saves me about 10 minutes per test)
Also some linear algebra functions and matrix operations, complex numbers. symbolic integration, differentations, symbolic differential equations (2nd order ordinary).

Another handy feature is units so you can actually assign units to each value and you will get a answer accordingly (both english and metric).

Last but not least. It is very easy to assign a function: Somefunction => f(x1, x2, x3, etc). This way you can repeat the same calculation just with the click of a button (again saved me allot of time during tests)

I agree that graphing and programming are hardly ever used.