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Jun10-04, 11:23 AM
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I am looking for info on networking my pc and another pc so I can put about 1gb of my files on the other for backup purposes. My pc is a 350mhz pentium2 processor, 320mb ram, 7.83gb hd, has USB (not sure of exact USB version, 2.0 I think), 56k dial up modem, and Windows ME [came with 98, went to ME unfortunately (the main reason I want to back up my hd and restore)]. The pc I want to set up a network with has a 4gb hd, 300mhz pentium2 (I think), 56k dial up modem, Windows 98, 96mb ram (I guess), and has USB 2.0. Neither pc is, or has ever been, configured as a network server.

My guess for this whole idea is to plug one into the other through USB. the 4gb would show up in my network and/or in my computer. My hd would show up in her "Mynetwork" and/or "my computer." If that works, I'm guessing I could burn files from my hard drive with her cd burner too, but would be better off sending the files to her hd before burning. This is all my gues, I'm probably wrong.

If I can't do any of the networking ****, I can always try to put her cd burner in my tower. I just have to deal with one screw I have never been able to budge. I can't use any grinders or anything like that, as I doubt the burner (or pc) would be working by the time I got it out, lol. I can't use wd40 either, or duct tape, lol. Just a screwdriver and my flying monkeys.
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