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Sep28-09, 01:00 PM
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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I thought I'd ask for some help with my research paper.

Well Im a Senior in Highschool and I take IB (International Baccalaureate [Google it]) courses which are basically super advanced courses. Anyway, one of the requirements is that I write a 3,500-4,000 word essay of a topic of my choosing.

Well in my research paper, I wish to compare two theories of the universe in order to conclude which seems more plausible than the other.

What I'm asking from you guys are the names of a couple of modern theories of how the universe was created.

I also want to know where I can look for more information on these theories. (Links, books, articles etc...) *NO WIKIPEDIA*

So, can you guys help a kid out?

*Note: I know this belongs in the homework help section, but I didn't see a section there that didn't talk about the universe as much as this section did. :D
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