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Sep29-09, 05:56 PM
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Susskind on the cosmological constant.

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Thanks. I will look at that. Susskind almost seems to be setting up a false dichotomy between his string theory multiverse and intelligent design. The fine tuning HAS to be explained and his string theory multiverse are the only explanation short of a benevolent creator that tuned the universe for life.
If you look at Penrose's work, he poses some questions relating to unification quite clearly. If quantum theory predicts one thing, and classical physics (including GR) predicts another, how can divergences in observations be understood and reconciled? Penrose uses the metaphor of a mermaid who lives both above and below the water (a Universe that inhabits both quantum and classical domains). That may or may not be helpful to you (or to me), but it is a nice visualization - a way to frame the question that is inclusive of both domains - which is probably a good way to figure out which scientific domain may have to "give" a little or a lot before they can be reconciled, so a TOE might be viable.