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Oct12-09, 12:57 PM
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@mejoc, sorry to bump in your thread, but I am also looking for a non (pre?) calculus, conceptual physics textbook for my younger brother.

Here is what I want the book to have(at least)
1 Mechanics - kinematics, kinetics, gravitation, energy, work etc
2 Vibration & waves - Vibrations, sound, light, reflection, refraction.
3 Electricity & Magnetism - Electricity, electric fields, electric circuits, magnetism, electric devices(motors, generators etc).

I have come down to following 4 books(strictly non calculus), in order of preference, from reviews on internet mostly.
1. Physics: Principles & Problems - Paul Zitzewitz
2. Holt Physics - Serway & Faughn
3. Physics: Principles with applications - DC Giancoli
4. Conceptual Physics - Paul Hewitt

I ll be putting the order tomorrow. Kindly share your thoughts on these books or maybe suggest some other good ones.