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Ibut lately there seems to be lots of studies showing or atleast claiming the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation
Electromagnetic radiation is dangerous, but due to it's heating effect (at > visible wavelengths) if you stand in front of a powerful enough microwave transmitter for long enough you will be damaged. It's unlikely that a 1W cell phone outside your head could do much heating.

The example you give about made me toss my cookies, raw chicken, although I did see a show on the travel channel where there is a place in japan where they eat raw chicken,
You eat raw fish! The danger with chicken is that they are generally raised in less than sanitary conditions so the disease risk is rather high.
The point remains that we cook food both for texture/taste and safety.

The cleaner you keep the dairy the less chance of bacteria in the milk,
True but there is still a chance of mastitus/bovine TB/ etc. There is probably less risk in hand reared hand milked cows simply because the farmer would notice any illness and there is less chance of transferring contamination through milking machines.

You are also going to consume the milk immediately, like anything else it's a time/growth thing. If you want milk to last 1 month you need to kill off more bacteria than if it only needs to last 1 week. The standards for the allowable level of bacteria in Eu milk are much lower than in the US and milk in Europe definitely lasts longer than in the US.

Your last sentence above makes me ask if the original cooking(pasteurization) doesnt destroy some proteins, enzymes and such as well as the bacteria?
Probably too low a temperature to destroy milk protein.

According to the raw milk supporters lactose intollerant people can drink raw milk since it still has the enzymes to allow them to make use of the lactose where pasteurized milk has those enzymes destroyed.
Not sure, lactose does depend on the amount of fat so there might be a differnet reaction to full fat milk than 2% supermarket milk.

I thought that microwaves cooked from the inside out
Common urban myth. In fact because of the short cooking time and poor thermal conductivity you can end up with the inside much less cooked than in a stove.

since all/most bacteria is on the surface unless it has been ground and mixed we could still be in danger.
True of steak, not true of hamburger - once you mince it you mix 'surface' all through the meat.