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Nov9-09, 09:42 AM
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Er, well, no. A torus is not closed in that sense. It's flat.

Closed is a statement about curvature. Whether or not the universe wraps back on itself is a statement about topology. It is perfectly possible to have a flat universe with a topology that wraps back on itself. Just as it is, in principle, possible to have a closed universe that doesn't extend far enough to wrap back on itself.
Hi Chalnoth,
Please can I ask you to elaborate on this, as I am struggling to conceptualize it?
To me the property of being closed (angles of a triangle add up to more than 180) implies that the topology will wrap back on itself.
Can you give some examples of shapes where this is not the case - closed, but does not wrap back on itself?
Also, I seem to remember Krauss talking about flatness implying that it is infinite in spatial extent (or am I just misunderstanding him again?) - doesn't "infinite in spatial extent" rule out a topology that wraps back on itself?

Yes, I still don't quite have a handle on all this ;-)

Thanks :-)